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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6th Grade: present simple "the boy does nothing"

Hello! Here you have a new song to complete and to practice present simple! The song is The boy does Nothing by Alesha Dixon. Pay attention at the questions with "Does he" and the -s in the 3rd person (he, she and it). I hope you like it!
Pass the text in a word and bring it to class next Friday.

The Boy Does Nothing

Listen and complete the song with the words in the box.

body - right - hands - man - he - second - never - jeans - feet - seventeen - please - dances

I got a man with two left _____
And when he ________down to the beat
I really think that he should know
That his rhythms go go go

Does he wash up? __________washes up
Does he clean up? No, he never cleans up
Does he brush up? Never brushed up
_________does nothing, the boy does nothing
(Repeat chorus)

Hey boy, how you been? I got a thousand lines
Where do I begin? 
And I’ve been here, been there travelling. 
I saw you at the corner, my vibe kicked in.

And two fields, I clock you 
Wearing tight _________a real nice suit
He was smiling like you, was just ____________
I asked him for a dance. He said 'yes __________'

Take a sip of dancing juice, 
Everybody's onto you
Through the left and to the __________
Everybody hit the rhythm, it's on tonight
I'm gonna feel the heat within my soul
I need a ________to take control
Let the melody blow you all away

CHORUS (Repeat chorus)

Work it out now. Work it, work it out now
Do the mumbo, shake it all around now
Everybody on the floor
Let me see you clap your ____________

I wanna see you work
I wanna see you move your __________in turn
I wanna see you shake your hips and learn
I wanna see you work it, work it, work it out now

CHORUS (Repeat chorus)

And if the man can't dance, he gets no ________chance (Repeat)

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