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Thursday, April 12, 2012

5th grade: My favourite city.

Hello 5th graders, Here you have the text about my favourite city, I hope it is useful for you in order to write your own text. As I said before, one of my favourite cities is Berlin, so my text is about this amazing city


My favourite city is Berlin. It is
located in Germany, Europe. It is a very big city. It has got about 3,400,000 inhabitans. The rivers Havel, Dahme and Spree run through Berlin. I like Berlin because it is a very cosmopolitan and historical city. In Berlin, there are many restaurants, museums, parks and important buildings. Popular places to visit are the Siegessäule, it is a column with a sculpture of Victoria on the top; the Reichstag, it is the German parliament; the Opera House and the Brandenburg Gate, it is one of the main symbols in Berlin. My favourite place in this city is Berlin Wall, Berlin was divided into West Berlin and East Berlin after World War II. After the Berlin Wall was built in 1961 very few people were allowed to cross from East Berlin into West Berlin. The wall divided the city until 1989 when the East German government decided to allow anyone to cross, and people decided to destroy the wall. Nowadays, it is a symbol of freedom and people painted beautiful and peaceful graffitis on it.

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